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    Default Concerned with teeth movement

    Hi there,
    I've been wearing the IA for a few months now,my treatment to correct my front 4 teeth is almost finished. I am very happy with one side,however over the past few weeks I have noticed one of my front molers has been pushed out quite far. I am really concerned and am probably now more embarrassed with my teeth than I was before the treatment!
    I have an appointment later this week,but I was wondering if I should stop wearing it in the meantime as I can feel movement when I wear it. Can this be corrected? And is it going to cost me even more money? Please help!
    Lizzie x

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    Hi Lizze,

    Without seeing a photo it would be difficult to assess if this was an issue with the treatment or natural progression, sometimes with orthodontics your teeth can look worse before they get better.

    However, I would advice you to call the practice that you are with and explain the situation. If the dentist doesn't have any appointments ask him / her if you can email a photo graph and advice on if you should continue / stop wearing the aligner.

    Most dentists wouldn't charge more for this but you would need to address this with your dentist.

    Good luck and please come back to the forum and let us know how you got on, we would like to know and im sure others who experience the same problems would in the future.

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