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    Default Inman Aligner has chipped my tooth

    I recently had my first consultation for the inman aligner, was told I was suitable, and had impressions/molding taken of my teeth.

    I have now noticed that my top teeth seem to have been pulled downwards a bit from the gum, one of my front teeth has a small chip in it that wasn't there before, and appears shorter than the other front tooth next to it.

    Why did this happen? How can it be fixed? Will something like this happen when I actually start to wear the aligner? Also would it be best to have the teeth "shaved" now so they're the same, or to wait until I finish the treatment?

    I can't understand why just having a mold taken can affect my teeth like this, when my teeth are healthy and the clinic I went to is listed on the official inman aligner site as certified.

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    It is highly unlikely that just taking an impression can pull your teeth down or chip your tooth. It may be that a small filling could have dislodged but to actually damage a tooth with a mould is very unlikely.
    I would strongly suggest going back to your dentist to air your concerns, and i am sure they will have photographs to show you before the impression was taken.
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    You should try to go to another dentist and let him have a look at your teeth and maybe go to other dentist and let them do the work.
    Because i don't think that its necessary to chip your teeth or anything if its healthy.
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