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    My name is Alan, and I live in the nothern of France, I"m 25 years old and I really feel bad when i'm smilling because my teeth are not perfect and so i hate smilling in front of public.
    At first I was looking for an Invisaling treatment, where everything is invisible, but when I asked a doctor for a quote after taking impression and radiography , he said that the cost of the treatment would be of 5000 euros, which was too expensive for me , so I declined the offer, and was looking for something less expensive.
    And then I discovered the Inman Aligner, but in France there is a very limited amount of doctors that offer the method, So I was wondering , if there is a doctor, in the UK or eleswhere that could offer me an inman aligner over the internet, I mean as I've already have the radiography of my teeth, I have posted here in order to know If i'm suitable for this kind of treatment?

    I can buy an Impression kit and take an impression of my teeth at home and then send it to the doctor, if needed.
    As I can see the cost of an Inman aligner for one arch is from 1080gpb to 1600gpb depending on the doctor which will be perfect for me (very less expensive than invisalign)., For the moment I'm only wanted to align the Upper teeth, and will doing the rest when I will save more money!

    Do you think that i'm suitable ? do you know some doctor who will be ok to treat a patient over internet ?
    For the payment I could pay the doctor by debit, credit card, wire or paypal, depending on the prefered methods of the doctor.

    PS : sorry for my bad english
    PS2 : I'm posting the link to my radiography here
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    hello you have pm
    Dr. Tif Qureshi.BDS

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