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Changing Faces Dentistry & Facial Rejuvenation Harborne

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ABC Dentistry

12 Waterloo Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, B2 5TB
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Changing Faces Dentistry & Facial Rejuvenation

51 Station Road, Knowle House, Knowle, Solihull, B93 0HN
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Worcester is the county town of Worcestershire, and is positioned in the West Midlands of England. The Post Codes for the city are WR1 – WR5. Worcestershire is home to the UK’s fastest growing university but does not have a medical school. The nearest dental school is the University of Birmingham’s, 30 miles to the North East. The City has 94,029 residents.

If, like many people in the UK, you suffer from dental phobia rest assured that there are many helpful, friendly practitioners in your local area who are trained and experienced in the care of anxious patients. Search for highly rated dental phobia dentist online.

It is important that fear and anxiety doesn’t impede your oral health and regularly visits to your dentist are highly recommended. Every 6 months is the suggested time, as this gives your dentist continual observation of the state of your teeth and mouth.

If your dentist finds any problem areas there are a number of treatments he can offer to stop the spread of infection or decay. Placing fillings into cavities will stop tooth decay, root canal surgery will remove pus and infection from teeth and periodontal cleaning will remove harmful, stubborn plaque from gums halting gum disease.

Sometimes the preventive methods may be too late and tooth extraction is often required, which can leave your smile broken and full of gaps. To restore a smile to its former glory there are many options your dentist can offer including dentures, crowns, bridges and implants. These are all matched to your mouth and teeth colour to give you a beautiful natural looking smile.

Your teeth may just need straightening and your cosmetic dentist can offer you a whole range of treatments to help you in your quest for a perfect smile. Inman aligners, lingual, Lingual braces, 6-month smiles and Invisalign are all effective, innovative and discreet braces, which straighten your smile without causing you embarrassment during the treatment.

If you are looking for help with the general aesthetics of your teeth such as teeth whitening then most cosmetic dentist practices can offer you both in-practice procedures and home whitening kits to give your beautiful glossy teeth. If you are looking to improve the general facial aesthetics your dentist can also offer you treatment for wrinkles and crows feet with the use of Botox and dermal fillers.

Do note, that many of these treatments are only available from cosmetic dentists and are not practiced by the NHS. Information on NHS dentists and the treatments they perform is available on the NHS website.

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