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Coventry is a city found in England’s West Midlands, it is the second largest city in the region after Birmingham, which lies 19 miles to the West. CV1 – CV6 are the Post Code’s that cover Coventry. Coventry does not have any dental schools but the closest is just 19 miles away at the University of Birmingham. There are 309,800 persons living in the City.

There are many dental and cosmetic treatments that only a private dental practice can provide in comparison to the list of procedures available with the NHS. To view a list of NHS treatments, dentists and prices, visit the NHS website.

If you find that normal brushing is unable to remove stains and discolouration, consult your dentist about the teeth whitening treatments they can offer. These can include in-practice whitening, which takes under an hour to perform and will leave your teeth several shades brighter and also home whitening kits, which you can use all year round. For stubborn stains and chipped teeth ask your dentist about porcelain veneers.

For people with overbites, crossed teeth and other teeth misalignments there are a varied range of orthodontic treatments your cosmetic dentist can provide, such as Incognito, simpli5, 6-month Smiles and Invisalign. A number of the systems available are also classed as ‘invisible braces’ for those who need orthodontic work but feel self-conscious wearing traditional fixed braces. Book a consultation with your dentist to decided upon the right treatment for you.

Check-ups are very important for the maintenance of your oral health and should be booked every 6 months to spot any changes and problems. Continually observing your oral health can help prevent gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss and also spot any warning signs concerning extremely serious problems such as oral cancer. It is advised that you visit your dentist twice a year but if symptoms such bleeding gums, very sensitive teeth and persisting ulcers occur book an appointment at once.

For many people even a dental appointment can fill them with dread and they often miss treatments due to this fear. This can obviously have negative repercussions for your oral health but it is also understandable that you may feel nervous when a number of the procedures are slightly invasive. To help you overcome your fear and to ensure the good condition of your oral health, many dentists are now trained in helping dental phobic patients have the best visit possible. To find a local dentist with a good dental phobia rating, search online.

Botox and dermal fillers are also available from your local cosmetic dentist, which are great treatments for line and wrinkles and can rejuvenate your whole face.

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