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Queen Square Dental & Implant Clinic, 17 Queen Square, Bristol, BS14NH
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A city in Wales, formally known as St David’s and the Cathedral Close, it is the UK’s smallest city with a population of just 1,797. It has the Post Code SA62. The dental School closest to the City is in Cardiff at the university.

Although only a small town, St Davids offers its residents cosmetic dentistry including the most popular cosmetic procedures. Teeth can be whitened within a single dental appointment using the latest tooth bleaching system.  Gaps between teeth can be closed using orthodontic treatment for small gaps and dental implants where teeth are missing. Today’s dentures look both natural and have advanced to offer great functionality as well. For that Hollywood look, many people opt for dental veneers to cover their unsightly teeth. There are numerous dental practices in St Davids that also offer orthodontic treatments ranging from Invisalign braces to Damon Braces and Inman Aligners. 

Whether you suffer from gum disease or have broken a tooth, are experiencing sharpe shooting pains and swelling from toothache, there will be a dentist in St Davids that will be able to help. NHS dentists will not offer cosmetic treatments but may help you in case of an emergency. Some dentists may also be able to offer you certain treatments to help you feel more relaxed and less fearful of your dental treatment. Dental phobia is very common but need not be a reason to stop you visiting a dentist and looking after the health of your teeth and gums.

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