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Bolton is a Lancashire town in the North West of England. It is part of Greater Manchester and it is 10 miles to the North West of the City of Manchester proper. It is served by the Post Code areas BL1-BL7. Bolton does not have a dental school; however it is in close proximity to the dental school at the University of Manchester. At the 2001 Census Bolton was discovered to have 139,403 people living there.

Those looking for cosmetic dentists in Bolton can find a number of practitioners who offer a great range of treatments including those for gapped teeth, gummy smiles and even Botox and dermal fillers for wrinkles and crows feet.

Dental check-ups are the main way to keep your teeth in top condition and should be booked every 6 months to allow your dentist to continually monitor any changes in your mouth and teeth. The sooner changes or problems are found the better, as treatments can be administered before the condition takes over and damages the rest of your mouth. Some procedures that can be used to halt decay and infection include fillings, periodontal cleaning and root canal surgery. If the infection or decay takes over you may need more serious treatment usually involving the removal of the tooth, teeth or infected area. After the tooth has been removed it is recommend that it is replaced with an implant, crown, bridge or dentures to maintain the structure of the mouth and stop speech impediments and eating problems.

If your problem is more aesthetic and you suffer from dull, miscoloured teeth then your cosmetic dentist can offer you a number of treatments. These include intensive cleaning, teeth whitening and in the case of severely stained and chipped teeth, porcelain veneers, which will leave your teeth and smile beautiful and glossy.

Most people at some point of their life have had a brace, with the experience often being uncomfortable and embarrassing. This needn’t be the case with a whole range of discreet, ‘invisible’ braces available from your cosmetic dentist including Lingual braces, Invisalign, Inman aligners and 6-month smiles. Consult your dentist about which brace would be best suited to you.

Many of these treatments are only available from a private practitioner with their own price band. If you wish to find a local NHS dentist and a list of treatments consult the NHS website.

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