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Leeds is a city in West Yorkshire; it is the County of Yorkshires biggest city. The postcodes LS1 – LS29 mainly cover the city of Leeds although some areas overlap into surrounding areas of Yorkshire. The Leeds Dental Institute is a dental school and a part of the University of Leeds. The population of Leeds is 770,080; the city is the focal point of the densely populated West-Yorkshire Urban area, which contains approximately 1,500,000 inhabitants.

Many different dental treatments and procedures are provided within the Leeds area. If you are looking for treatment concerning the replacement of missing teeth, such restorative procedures may include implants, crowns, dentures and bridges. Consult your dentist to discuss which is the best option for you and remember that leaving missing teeth unfilled can lead to many future problems, which can affect your speech and eating.

Many people fear the dentist, often putting off visits and check-ups due to this anxiety. This can lead to many oral health problems and it is recommended that you visit your dentist every 6 months. Rest assured that there are many friendly, helpful dentists within the Leeds area, who are experienced and trained in the care of dental phobic patients, to provide you with the most relaxing visit possible whilst maintaining your oral health.

If you feel embarrassed by your smile and wish it were straighter then orthodontic treatment is your best options. Gone are the days of the clunky, ugly metal braces with many discrete, invisible braces now available including the Invisalign braces, Inman aligner system, Damon self ligating braces and 6-month smiles.  Consult your dentist to see which brace is the best suited to you.

If your smile just needs a little brightening your dentist can offer you a number of options including teeth whitening and teeth cleaning and if you have dull, cracked teeth, porcelain veneers are another great option. All are provided with the aim of giving you a glossy, pure smile.

The NHS only provides essential dental treatments so procedures such as teeth whitening, invisible braces, veneers amongst others are not available on the NHS. Consult your dentist to confirm which treatments you can receive and at what cost.

Dentists are now able to provide non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers; ask your dentist is they are one of the practitioners.

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