X-rays show a black spot near the nerve of my tooth suffering from decay, can this affect the results of root canal treatment?

Hello Dr,
I have a front tooth decay, which I had filled with no immediate issues . The tooth was sensitive for a while when one day pain alleviated and the gum below the teeth started to swell up. the dentist here took a few xrays of it and asked whether I wanted to go with root canal treatment. However in the xray near the nerve of the tooth (nerve in the upper part of the tooth and beneath the gums), we could see a black spot. Taking this black spot into consideration do you think normal root canal treatment can go ahead or should i consult a specialist to assess before procedure with the root canal treatment.
Thankyou very much in advance
Hi there, to me the black spot that shows on the xray sounds like a tooth abscess usually your dentist will be able to treat the black spot with a normal root canal treatment. Hope that helps, many regards,
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