Would it be possible to have a dental bridge?


I had my second molar tooth extracted last year. My dentist told me I would have to wait a year before I would be able to have a replacement tooth fitted. I am enquiring about bridges as I really want one fitted because I am worried my teeth might start to separate and I also have difficulty eating on that side of my mouth. I have researched a bit into bridges, but only the third molar tooth next to the gap is healthy, the first molar has a root canal and large filling in place. Is it still possible to have a bridge fitted? I don’t really want implant surgery because I don’t like the idea of nerve damage and dentures sound horrible.

Thanks for any help and advice that you can offer me and I am looking forward to your reply.

An implant may be the best option for you and if done correctly with someone experienced then it’s unlikely to result in nerve damage
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