Why Have My Teeth Turned Yellow During Brace Treatment?

Hi. I had Six Month Smile braces fitted a month ago and my teeth have turned a yellow colour. I’m very cautious of the colour of the food I eat. I drink coffee through a straw and clean my teeth regularly. I have spent money on different types of cleaning brushes but to no avail. I use Sensodyne toothpaste and Oral B mouthwash. Friends have commented on them therefore I am very conscious of them. Is there anything I can do?
Hello, thank you for your question. I would ask the dentist who placed them. It could be excess bonding cement used to stick them to your teeth that are staining and this might be able to be removed. Have you seen your hygienist? During orthodontics you should visit a hygienist every 3 to 4 months. They have air polishing instruments that can help also.

Kind regards, Mark.

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