Why Does My Daughter Have Grey Lines on Her Teeth?

My 17 year old daughter had her braces off and a metal bar put behind the bottom teeth. Soon after, she started to develop grey vertical lines one the teeth with the bar behind it. The colouring came off during teeth cleaning but appeared within a few weeks in the same areas. It is now spreading to the teeth, touching those teeth above. The colouring is the same colour as the silver bar behind her teeth. She had lots of issues with the metal braces, in that her mouth broke out with sores quite a lot while having braces, which the orthodontist said was a sensitivity to the metal. Could the grey/silver vertical stripes be caused by the metal bar? What do we need to do to keep this from coming back?
Hi, thank you for your question. It shouldn’t be anything to do with the bonded retainer, but it may be stain build up, as cleaning around the bar is more difficult. Maybe ask your dentist to arrange a clean up with the hygienist to get some tips on cleaning the area. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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