Which is the Cheapest Method of Straightening Teeth?

Hello Dr Gambroudes. When I was at school I had to wear braces for a while. I’m now 22 years old and am still not happy with my teeth. I’m depressed and sometimes I can’t come into work because of my lack of confidence. I don’t earn a great amount of money and I know braces can be expensive. What is the cheapest method of straightening my teeth? I make sure to look after my teeth very well. I have a gap between my 2 front teeth. It is mainly the top tier of my mouth that I don’t like. It just needs a good straightening, although it is not disastrous. Please get back to me. Thank you kindly. 
Hi, thank you for contacting me. The cost of treatment really depends on the complexity of your problem and how much time and effort it would take to fix it to your satisfaction. If it’s a simple orthodontic problem then a few aligners may work, or an Inman Aligner, but it could be very complex to fix depending on your case. Costs for the range of orthodontic treatments can be from £1000-£10,000. Regards,  Marcus. 
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