Which is the Best Option: Post Crown or Maryland Bridge?

I have fractured one of my lateral incisors along the gum line, which I had root treatment for approximately 10 years ago. I visited my regular dentist who has advised me to wait until the tooth breaks off and then he will probably be able to fit a post crown providing the root is OK. I visited a private dentist for a second opinion, who has advised that I have the tooth extracted and consider having a Maryland bridge or an implant fitted. I am totally confused and don’t know what to do. I can’t afford an implant so what would be the best option, a post crown or a Maryland bridge? Your advice would be greatly appreciated, many thanks.
Hello, thank you for contacting me. Without seeing the situation and the condition of your root I cannot advise you correctly. If the root canal is good and healthy and if it’s possible to save the root and place a post crown then this would be the preferred choice. It really depends on how much ‘residual dentine’ is available to support a crown.

My advice is to see a true expert such as a specialist prosthodontist or restorative dental specialist or a very respected and experienced cosmetic dentist and see what they say. They may want an endodontist to assess the root canal too. Kind regards, Mark.

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