What treatment option would you suggest to help stabilize a loose tooth?

i have been to my dentist and she said that i had a slight pocket in my gum which was causing my 2 front teeth to be slightly loose.when i went back to her,i told her that my teeth had become slightly more loose but only slightly.i raised my issues that i didn’t want to lose my tooth but she didn’t suggest anything to help save my teeth.she has referred me to a hygienist to have clean and scrap but i would like to know why she hasn’t suggested anything or done anything to help me.would you be able to suggest anything to help strengthen my teeth.also i have heard about getting you teeth splinted to help stregnthen them and keep them stable.can you tell me a bit about it and is available on the nhs.many thanks
The cleaning is the basis of all gum treatments. Splinting is of use if it helps stabilize loose teeth to assist cleaning, but in some cases it masks the problem.
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