What is the best way to improve teeth that have had root canals?

I currently have six teeth in top front that have previously had root canals done to them. What is the best way to improve them, they were never crowned or cap. One has a temporary cap but all the rest has had cosmetic work done to them. What do you suggest?
Dear Enquirer,
Any tooth that has been root filled should be restored with a crown, in order to give it some strength. Once the tooth is root filled, it loses it’s inherent elasticity and becomes brittle. With normal chewing function, these root filled teeth can fracture, necessitating their extraction.
Crowning them will not only strengthen them, but will also improve the look of these teeth, which I am presuming are already heavily filled. If you have a look at this link http://www.sparkledental.co.uk/full-mouth-reconstruction.php you will see how cosmetic dentistry I have completed with crowns can improve the look of your teeth.
I hope this helps,
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