What Is Causing The Metallic Taste In My Mouth?

Hi Dr Moore. I have a metal plate with five teeth placed on it but have recently started to have a metal taste in my mouth daily.  I have had my existing denture for about 30 years now and I would like to know –  is it safe to clean the denture by soaking in regular steradent cleaner?  I used to use denclen which worked really well but I cannot purchase this anymore, from anywhere. Could you please advise me on this problem? I often get mouth ulcers. I regularly go to the dentist and because of receding gums have at lease 2 yearly visits to the hygienist. Yet, there’s still problems and I’m not sure what I should do. The metal taste is bothering me and it’s affecting the way I taste food. I don’t enjoy it and I’m always worried. Please help!!
Hi, the metallic taste can often be from bleeding gums rather than the denture so please ask your dentist to take a look. He/she can advise you correctly from there. Regards, Andrew. 
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