What Can We Do to Save Our Child’s Teeth?

My 7 year old daughter has gone to the private dentist with me regularly since she was a baby. I was told one day that she had decay and needed 2 small fillings. We dramatically changed her diet, reduced her sugar intake and tried harder when brushing her teeth. On a visit to an NHS dentist (we were referred by our own dentist as she had an abscess, which they said meant the tooth had to be extracted). The new dentist advised that most of her teeth were decayed (or decaying) and that she would have trouble all of her life and could lose lots of her teeth! We were horrified – should our dentist have helped us more and/or advised us so much sooner? Also, what can we do to improve the situation now please?
thank you. 
Hello, thank you for getting in touch. The only way to prevent decay is to cut out processed sugar from her diet and to brush with a fluoride toothpaste. There is always sugar hidden in foods, but the trick is to reduce food in between meal times, as the frequency of sugar intake is more important than the actual amount. Hopefully, by changing a few things in her diet she will have a fresh start with her permanent teeth. Kind regards, Andrew.
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