The NHS will not pay for my braces, what can i do?

Hello Dr Julian I am 15 years old and wanting a nice smile my teeth are healthy and my gums are well looked after and I have been to my dentist and he said that my two canines are slightly and I gave a small gap in my two front top teeth and my two bottom front teeth are just overlapped a little bit and he made an opponentment to an othersontist and she said I don’t need braces really badly so she said unless I pay fir it and she said it is clearly of my appearance so could you please help me and tell me how to get perfect teeth
If the NHS will not pay for your treatment the only option will be to pay for your treatment privately
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April 27th, 2011 at 08:47 PM
Pawel Says :

I am an 18 year old student and is needing braces desperately, however I wouldnt be able to afford to pay the amounts of money to have the braces fitted there any other option i could take as my teeth really get me down and i have low self esteem.

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