Some of my teeth have started falling out, should I get them all removed and have dentures?

I am a 48 yr old woman who has MS and due to lots of steroids over the past 19 yearsI have lost some of my bone density in my gums resulting in the ‘falling out’ of teeth. I have 4 crowns at the top front of my mouth but 1 of these rods in my gum has now broken leaving me with a protruding crown. My confidence to talk has gone & I don’t smile open mouthed anymore or if I do I cover my mouth with my hands…PLEASE HELP, as my dentist says that the only solution is to remove it and put it on a plate which I have for the loss of back teeth which I have lost but the plate is not worn as I cannot eat with it in place, and it makes me lisp. I have also asked whether it is an option to have them all removed and dentures but he has said that the teeth I have left (7 top 11 bottom) are too healthy to remove.
It doesn’t make sense to remove healthy teeth and replace them with dentures. Please go back to your dentist who is suggesting adding one tooth to your denture. This is a good starting point to elping you get your confidence back in your smile.
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