Should My Tooth Still Be Sore 5 Days After Root Canal Treatment?

I had a root canal done by my NHS dentist and 2 weeks later it was still bothering me. I then went to see a specialist endodontist who performed another root canal procedure (this time taking 2 hours and using a microscope and other specialist equipment). This was 5 days ago. I am able to bite down and eat on this tooth.  It is not sensitive to hot or cold but I would describe it as still aching on and off during the day. I would describe it as being generally sore. Is this normal and can it take a while for the tooth to settle after having all this work carried out on it? I haven’t had the crown put on yet and just have a temporary filling.
Hi, thank you for your question. It can take quite a while for a root canal treatment to settle. I would wait at least 4-6 weeks and go very carefully in this area until the tooth has settled and the new crown is fitted to protect the tooth from breaking. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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