Should I Allow My Son To Have Treatment For His Decayed Teeth?

Im currently residing in South Africa, and would like to have your opion as well as my local dentists. My son will be turning 3 in August, and he has a few teeth that are starting to “decay” they have what looks like a yellow film on the teeth.(not all, just some). I was told that he would have to go into theatre to have these teeth filled, one of which he wants to remove the nerve. Alote of people say that its not necessary to worry about the baby teeth as they fall out anyway, so what i want to know, is can I leave his teeth as they are , or would you recommend that he go to theatre
If the teeth are decayed then if they are not treated your son could end up in a lot of pain (he may already be in pain) and infections can occur in the teeth too. This can lead to complications in his adult teeth coming through and potentially other health risks in the future if untreated. My opinion would be that for your child’s health and well being I think it is wise that you follow the advice of your dentist and let them carry out his treatment.
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