My Teeth Have Become Yellow From Antibiotic Staining. What Would Be The Best Form Of Whitening Treatment For This?

Hi Andrew. I’m 47 and have always had natural cream toned teeth. But, I’m now feeling quite embarrassed whenever I smile as they are now rather yellow. My dentist and my son’s orthodontist technician think that I may have antibiotic staining. (I did have various antibiotics in my teens for acne treatment) and that bleaching by the orthodontist may not have any effect or leave me with lines of discolouration.
Would laser whitening be more effective? Thank you.
Hello. Based on what you have told me within your question I would say that the best whitening treatment for you would be professionally made trays worn at night with 10-15% whitening gel over a period of 10-20 night depending on how white you want them to be. Laser whitening wears off too quickly and often doesn’t have any real effect on antibiotic staining. I hope this answers your question accurately. Hope this helps. Thank you, Dr Andrew Moore.
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