My Son’s Crown Fell Off. Should He Get Another Crown or an Implant?

Good afternoon. My son who is 24 fell as a child and broke one of his two front teeth. A local dentist gave him an amateur-ish crown which has never looked right. Yesterday it fell off and he isn’t sure if the way forward is a new crown or an implant. However, money is a slight problem and I don’t know how much it would cost or who could do the procedure . He is speaking at my mum’s funeral on February 3rd and is devastated that it will look dreadful! Please can you advise? I’m worried mother as you hear so many dreadful stories of cosmetic surgery going wrong.
Hello and thank you for your question. My advice is to take him to see a very well respected and experienced cosmetic dentist for the best results. For exceptional treatment, there are fees to pay, but it’s a matter of the quality,value and longevity that you should be considering – often ‘cheap’ treatment is not done well or may not last as long as you’d wish. So consider the treatment done really well as a great “investment” rather than a cost. Kind regards,  Mark.
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