My New Dentist Said I Needed New Veneers On Four Front Teeth. I’m Currently Exempt From Charges. Will This Be Done For Free?

Hello Dr Moore. I saw my new dentist today who said I needed veneers on my four front teeth. I’m currently exempt from charges. Will this treatment be done for free?
I didn’t ask her as she seemed to be saying it while knowing I was exempt.
She was very helpful and I’m sure she would have mentioned if I had to pay. I’m so glad I have found this surgery as my last dentist really did not seem to care and did very bad work on my teeth. Thank you for your reply.
Hello and thank you for writing in. The best thing would be to give them a quick ring, explain your situation and make sure you don’t have your wires crossed. Each practice conducts their business differently so it’s difficult to say. If they want you to pay, you may want to consider a practice which offers a payment plan to make costs more manageable. I hope this helps and if you require further information on veneers you can find it through this websites handy guide. Best wishes, Dr Andrew Moore.
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