My Dentist Has Recommended Air Flow, What Is This? And How Will It Improve My Veneers?

Hi, I wondered if you could help me with an issue? I am sixty years old and have had my front teeth done with veneers which are old now. Now I’m going off the colour of them. But having recently been made redundant I can’t afford to have them replaced .I visited my Nhs dentist today and he recommended something called Air flow. Im not sure what that is. Would that help or shall I have them removed altogether? .I really don’t know what to do .As we have moved to Devon now as my old dentist who did them is in Hampshire so I can’t go back there .And I’m now really ashamed of my teeth so I hide them a lot. Can you please advise me on the matter. I don’t know who to turn to. Thank you in advance. 
Hi, thank you for your question. Air flow can clean the top layer but will not make a permanent difference, I would leave them if they are healthy as removing them would expose the prepared teeth underneath. I hope this helps. Regards, Riten. 
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