My Black Gums Bleed When I Brush Them, What Should I Do?

Hello sir my teeth are unaligned and yellow colour and whenever I brush my teeth blood comes out and always my mouth smells badly even though I brush daily..My gums are also becoming of black colour..Please tell me what should I do. I would like to know what might be wrong with me and what I could do. I have tried everything and I am brushing twice a day daily but then also I have same problems and there is also gaps between my teeth. I don’t have any pain or other thing but it looks very bad when i laugh. It’s damaging my confidence now so I really would like to know what I can have done about it or do myself.
Hello, thanks very much for your question. From your symptoms it sounds as though you could have quite severe gum disease, this could be down to poor hygiene practices or even partially genetic. Either way without a proper consultation I cannot be certain. So basically you need to go and see a dentist for a consultation to see a periodontist and a hygienist as soon as you can please os this does not get any worse.
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