I’ve Had Swollen Gums For Months But My Dentist Doesn’t Seem To Know How To Get Rid Of It. What Should I Do?

Hi, in October, I flossed and my gum was bleeding because I pulled the floss out too hard. The next day, the tooth started hurting. A month after, I went to the dentist, as it wasn’t getting any better. She did an x-ray and said my teeth were fine but just had some tartar build up so I booked an appointment to get a deep cleaning but had to wait 2 months. In the meantime my tooth was still causing me problems and my gum was feeling irritated all the time. I tried rinsing with salt water, corsodyl mouthwash, mouthwash with tea tree oil and clove oil, and so on but nothing was working. I went back to the dentist and she said she didn’t realise that I had a cut on the gum and also may have food stuck under the gum and the gum was swollen but not red and I had been eating on that side. She said she couldn’t see any decay and just put some antiseptic cream on the gum and told me to rinse with salt water. Since having this problem, I have also been getting the flu a lot. I went to the doctor who gave me flucloxacillin. I had my teeth cleaned in January and told her my gum was swollen but she didn’t think it was and said it looked like I had a scab on the gum and it looked like it was healing. The cut has healed but the gum is still swollen and I have had flu again. It is really worrying me because I know I have an infection and the dentist won’t do anything. What else can I do and does the gum need to be cut to get rid of the infection, as nothing else seems to be working? Thanks.
Hi, I’d advise that you see a gum specialist and seek out an urgent consultation, most likely privately. If you live in or near London I can help as we have an ‘in house’ periodontist at my practice or can certainly recommend some. Kind regards, Mark.
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