It’s Too Painful To Wear My Partial Denture. What Would It Cost To Have My Remaining Teeth Removed And Replaced With Dental Implants?

Hi Dr. Moore. I have a big problem with my teeth, they hurt all the time. My dentist has X-rayed them and checked them and there is nothing wrong with them. He took the front top ones out and this relieved the pain for a while. I have a partial denture but I can’t wear it for longer than half an hour and I certainly can’t eat with it in. The few teeth I have left are now hurting again and I wondered what it would cost me to have them all removed and implants done, I am on disability benefits so I would need a payment plan, please can you help or advise me. Thank you.
Hello and thank you for writing in. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to give you an idea of costs for this sort of treatment as it differs from patient to patient but as a guide a full upper or lower set of fixed teeth held with implants could cost you around £13,000. The best thing to do is visit and experienced implantologist in your area and discuss your options and financial arrangements. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Dr Andrew Moore.
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