Is the new Sensodyne repair and protect toothpaste safe to use?

novamin used in the new sensodyn4e repair and protect ttoothpaste is it safe
Dear Enquirer,
Ant dental product that is sold by reputable international brands undergo several years of testing before they are released for sale for public use.
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June 27th, 2013 at 08:47 PM
John Says :

May I please ask, is it safe to use this product on dental implants? I have implants held in place by titanium rods and I am wondering if there are any risks from abrasion. I use a soft toothbrush. If possible may I also ask, is it OK to use this product with different brands of mouthwash i.e. Coldgate Pro Gum? I do not know if these products will work with or limit, the effects of Sensodyne tooth paste(s).

Thanks for your time it is much appreciated.

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