I’m Unsure Whether I Should Have Four Teeth Extracted Or Not Before I Get Braces Fitted. What’s The Best Decision For Me?

Hello there,
I am 22 and getting my braces soon and my dental surgeon said that it is best to remove 4 premolar teeth before treatment. I don’t really have much crowding in my mouth. But the concern is that I would end up with a 3mm to 4mm gap at the extraction spaces after removing the braces. Is it possible to do bonding for this? Why would there be gaps even by wearing braces? The dentist wants me to decide whether I want to remove the 4 teeth or not. What is the best decision for me? Thank you so much for your help.
Hello. I would advise a second opinion, from a specialist orthodontist, before you commit to an extraction treatment plan. Maybe even a third consultation and opinion. Quite often these days with mild to moderate crowding, the treatment can be carried out without extractions. But this is impossible to assess without having all the information about you and seeing and examining you in person.

Could you send me some photos to look at?

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