I’m Pretty Sure I May Have Gingivitis, As Whenever I Brush My Gums Tend To Bleed, What Mouthwash Can I Buy To Fix This?

Hi Dr Hughes, I’m worried because I’m pretty sure that I might have gingivitis. My gums are always slightly bleeding and I can NEVER brush my teeth without seeing “pink” in the sink and to make matters worse, what used to be a tiny gap has gotten bigger and one tooth seems to be growing outward. What is your advice on this? Who can seriously afford braces in this economy and is there any Drug store medicine besides mouthwash that would rid me of the bleeding gums once and for all? Please doctor, help me.
My advice is that you seek a professional examination and treatment immediately from a dentist. It sounds like you have at least gingivitis if not the signs of periodontitis (gum disease). As these diseases are progressive and can lead to tooth loss if unchecked, it’s imperative that you seek treatment without hesitation. Mouthwashes alone will not treat these problems and braces may not be the required treatment you need. Regards, Mark.
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