I’m Due To Get Married. I Would Like A Smile To Be Proud Of. How Much Does A Smile Makeover Cost?

Hi Mark,
I am getting married in September and would like to have a smile I am proud of. I am currently really self-conscious about my teeth, they are crooked due to not being offered a brace as a child and are yellow.
I have a missing tooth at the front of my mouth (upper 10 I believe) which hasn’t fallen out, it just never grew. As well as a slight gap I have fangs. My bottom teeth are crooked from over- crowding.
It’s really getting me down and would like a complete smile makeover. I don’t know what would be best treatment wise or how much I’d realistically be looking to pay? Any information you could provide me with could help. Thanks.
Hi and thanks for your email. It’s really impossible to know what the best treatment for you will be without a detailed assessment. Without even seeing your teeth I cannot assess what could be done and if orthodontics and/or restorative cosmetic dentistry would be best. You are short of time if an orthodontic solution is ideal so I’d try to have a consultation as soon as possible with someone very experienced in both disciplines. You can search this website for the various types of treatment and see which ones might help you. Good luck, Mark.
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