I Would Really Like To Do Something About The Space Between My Front Teeth, But Implants Are Too Expensive, What Else Can I Do?

Hi, I would really like to know whether you can have a bridge fitted if there is just one tooth at one side and two teeth at the other side. I believe I need a bridge for four teeth? I have a partial denture at the moment, the space is between my front teeth and I would really like to do something about it, but implants are a bit too expensive for me. I have had the dentures for the past thirty years and not sure if anything can be done for me now, perhaps you can advise me on this whether it would be possible to do or not?
Hello, I hope I can help you with your enquiry. I believe it may be possible to do that – it really depends on the condition and strength of the remaining teeth and how big the space is. If you go to an experienced restorative or cosmetic dentist they can advise you. Sometimes you can create an even better result with a bridge than with implants as we have done this in our practice many times. Kind regards, Mark.
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