I Recently Had A Fall And Lost Three Crowns. I’m Afraid That If I Visit The Dentist That My Teeth Will Be Removed. What Should I Go?

Hi Mark, I fell down some steps recently and three of my crowns at the front have fallen out. They were on pins, (two of them have the pins on but one of them has no pin on and no tooth it’s just flat to the gum-line). What will the dentist need to do? I am terrified of the dentist and I am really stressed out. My biggest fear is that I will have to have my teeth removed as they are not the best I have quite a bit of decay. I’m really unsure about what I should do and I hope your advice can help me. Thanks.
Thank you for writing in. Unfortunately without seeing the situation and having X-rays etc, it’s impossible to advise you on which treatment would be best. Please go and have a dentist look at you as a matter of urgency, your condition is unlikely to go away without professional dental help. Find a dentist who you feel completely comfortable with and, if needed, has options for sedation. Best of luck. Regards, Mark.
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