I Have Veneers Which Keep Breaking Off And I Have No Confidence In My Dentist. Please Can You Advise Me?

Dear Dr Hughes. I have had 6 veneers across the top row of my teeth. They have constantly broken off within one year, I had to pay for a second set – the dentist coolly said that he was a bad technician and that was all. I still had to pay full price for another set. I saw another dentist for a second opinion who said far too much of my original tooth had been removed. I then started having throbbing pain in my veneered teeth, the dentist said that I now need to have root fillings under all of them. I know that with gum shrinkage there will be gaps at the top of the teeth, but mine are black and ugly. I complained and she filled them with composite that doesn’t match my veneers. I have no confidence at all in my dentist. Another veneer broke off last night. I do not want to go back. On top of all this, she knew that I have severe Sjogren’s syndrome, and I have read since that I should have never had them done. Please can you advise me?
Many thanks.
Hi. I would advise you to seek help from a very experienced cosmetic restorative dentist or specialist dentist to continue your care and see to it that no further mistakes are made. You would probably require some crowns now based on what you have told me. Regards, Mark.
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