I Have Researched PST As A Way Of Correcting Receding Gums. Is This Approved By The Dental Associations Of This Country?

Hi Mark. I have been doing some research about PST as a way of correcting receding gums. My dentist who carries out all kinds of cosmetic surgery, veneers, cerec, implants etc claims to have never heard of it, yet I can see that there are some cosmetic dentists who have been trained performing the procedure in this country. I don’t know whether he just doesn’t want me to go elsewhere for treatment or has genuinely never heard of this technique. It is easy to find it. What is your opinion of it and is it approved by the dental bodies/associations in this country? Thank you.
Hello. The technique is new and therefore has no long term studies to back up if it works over a period of time. This may change but currently it is not a “tried and tested” procedure and so cannot be claimed as predictable. The top periodontist in the US for grafting or repositioning procedures is widely regarded to be Pat Allen in Dallas. He is not (yet?) advocating this procedure and similarly it is not widely practised by periodontists yet until it can be proved effective long term. I hope that helps for now?


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