I Have One Front Tooth Which Isn’t Straight, Help?

Hi, my teeth are fine I just have one problem concerning my front teeth. That problem is that one of the front teeth is slightly “wonky” for lack of a better term. It doesnt follow the pattern of my teeth as it should, therefore from one side profile I have what appears to be a gap then the side it looks fine. I have read about fixed bonded brace, would that work? It would only have to move ever so slightly. What would you recommend? Any help you can offer me would be greatly appreciated as I would like to sort this out as soon as I can. Thanks
If it’s just a slight movement then a high speed fixed brace such as C-fast may be the solution – if it’s not too far out this can work in as little as 3-4 weeks. For more advanced movement it may take longer of course. There is also the Inman aligner and of course Invisalign but it takes longer. The advantage of Invisalign is nothing fixed to your teeth of course which some people prefer even if the time is almost double in some cases. Come for a complimentary C-fast consultation so we can offer you some options.

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