I have chipped the corner of my tooth, what is the most natural looking treatment for this?

12 years ago I had an accident where I came off of my bike and chipped the corner off of my left front tooth. I had a cap placed onto the end to re-build the tooth, and for a while it looked like my natural tooth, but it has now discoloured and the line where my original tooth broke off is very visible. I am now looking into getting my tooth re-done, but don’t know what route to go down for a natural long-term finish (i.e. cap, crown, veneer or something else??), as I am already very self-conscious of my tooth.
Any suggestions would be grateful.
Thank you
The treatment you had done sounds like the composite bonding procedure and the disadvantage of that is that you need to get it polished every year or so to prevent the stain building up at the ‘join’. If you don’t mind this then you can leave the filling as it is. If you are looking for a more permanent solution, then you can consider a veneer.
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