I Have A New Crown Which Is Too Long And Feels Rough. Should My Dentist Smooth This Down?

Hi, Dr Hughes. I recently had my two top front crowns replaced, when I got home I noticed that the right one was slightly longer on one side. I went back today and my dentist filed the tooth down at the bottom even though he thought it was fine, my issue now is that my tooth feels rough along the bottom and and my upper lip. Is this something he should have smoothed down? I am asking because I felt that he just wanted me out of the chair and that I should not have come back so I don’t really want to call him back. Will it smooth itself over time?

Thank you.

Hello and thank you for you question. Yes the porcelain most likely can be polished smooth again. You should call him and ask to complete this for you as he is obliged to do. If you feel at odds with your dentist you should explain how you feel about your situation and if you are still unhappy find another dentist. I hope this advice helps you. Best wishes, Dr Mark Hughes.
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