I Have A Missing Canine Tooth. Would A Six Month Smile Solution Be Applicable To My Dental Condition?

Hi Dr Hughes, I would like a smile makeover as I don’t like my front teeth. They stick out and I have a missing lower canine and incisor tooth. I am always self conscious about them and embarrassed. I tend to cover my mouth when I speak. I would like to get braces and wanted information on the type of braces available to me as an adult especially the six month smiles? I would like to know if it is possible to get this treatment with missing teeth.
Thank you.
Hello and thank you for writing in. Yes, six month smiles might be an option for you but it is more likely that a ‘full mouth’ would be more suitable (6 month smiles only moves front teeth and is not suitable for bite correction). You should also look at

Incognito, Damon Clear, and Invisalign.  Also for the best results you may need more than just orthodontics and some cosmetic dentistry may be required to replace your missing teeth rather than bunching together teeth that are in the wrong places? It would be best to see a cosmetic dentist for a thorough examination and a consultation about all your options. Regards, Mark.

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