I Have A Maternity Exemption Card. Will I Be Able To Get Dental Crowns Fitted For Free?

Hello Dr Moore. My 4 front teeth are becoming thin as my enamel is wearing away which makes me insecure but also makes my teeth really sensitive. I have a maternity exemption card. If I ask my dentist to fit the crowns will I get this for free or do they have the final decision as to whether I need them or not? Or also are dental crowns the best solution or would veneers help me? Would love some advice so I can go to the dentist with a bit of information.


Hello and thank you for writing in. It depends on whether the treatment is cosmetic or not, it might also be possible to use white resin, which is otherwise known as cosmetic bonding to build up the teeth which would be a lot less destructive than crowns or veneers. I would need to see you in person to assess the best course of action. You can find more information on these treatments through this website. This should help you understand more about the treatments you are considering. I hope this helps. Dr Andrew Moore.
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