I Have A Loose Back Tooth Which When I Chew Hurts Sometimes. Should I Replace It With Mini Implants?

I have recently had dentures fitted after a cardiac arrest last year. The bridge was broken and my dentist advised me to have dentures put in. As it was my 5 top teeth, I agreed, and this is okay but I doesn’t quite sit properly. Also using adhesive, I find I choke with it and it I find it very uncomfortable. I did some research and I noticed the mini implant and I need some advice and technical expertise, How much do you think a mini implant would cost for my top dentures? And I also have a loose back tooth, not painful but it can be when I chew sometimes. Can I have it removed if the tooth is okay, and can I have a Nimitz transplant? Thank you, I hope you can help me.
Hello. Options to replace teeth are

1. good quality dentures
2. bridges
3. dental implants. It is impossible to say which is appropriate for you without examining your mouth. But by the description you have given me, mini implant would not be appropriate. If you can have dental implants, I would recommend conventional implants. 

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