I Have A Common Problem, Which Is A Gummy Smile. What Type Of Cosmetic Treatment Should I Opt For?

Hi there. I have a common problem it would seem, which is a gummy smile.
I am trying to establish all of the options and then which is the best one for me.
I have seen two different dentists and they don’t seem to have all of the facts. They only seem to think that veneers are the answer; they weren’t aware of any other options/solutions.
But from investigation, there seem to be the following solutions: Lip repositioning surgery and/or Botox, Orthodontic treatment, Orthognathic surgery, Crown lengthening and veneers afterwards and gum removal by laser or scalpel.  I am currently having orthodontic treatment, as I was led to believe this would solve the problem. The orthodontist has now told me that it can’t, so I need to seek other solutions. I have had lip repositioning surgery (badly), but this did not work; neither did the Botox for very long. Plus these are both temporary solutions.
Are there any other solutions out there? And who can I consult with to get an overview of all of the options? The two dentists I’ve seen so far were only able to consult on veneers really.
Thanks ever so much for your time and response. All the best.
Hi. It’s impossible to answer you accurately without examining you in detail, seeing X-rays etc. Is there any way that you could send some photographs in or come for the consultation? Quite often a ‘combination’ of several of these procedures produces the best results

Kind regards, Dr Mark Hughes.

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November 18th, 2013 at 08:47 PM
Colin Hunter Says :

Hi Mr Hughes

Many thanks for your reply. I have subsquently seen David Blook at your practice, who was extrmely helpful in helping me get to the bottom of my problem and sort it out.

All the best

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