I Have A 7mm Gap Between My Two Front Teeth As I Should Have Visited My Dentist More Often. What Treatments Can Help Me?

Hi there. I used to have such lovely teeth but over time I didn’t go to see the dentist as much as I should have and now my bottom two front teeth have lost a lot of the gum in the middle and it has caused them to grow apart. Now I have a 7mm gap between. As you can imagine this is very embarrassing and has affected my confidence. Also I do not work at the minute due to depression and anxiety and so my NHS dentist says they can’t do anything for me to help the teeth look better. I feel self-conscious when I talk or smile. I was wondering what treatment I would need if I saved and paid for the work I needed and what help there is, if any, to maybe help me pay for the treatment I need. I was also wondering if you think braces would be of any help to me at all? I’d appreciate any advice you could give me.

Thank you.

Hello. My advice is to come in and discuss all your treatment options after you have been examined thoroughly to diagnose your problems. There could be many options open to you and payment plans can be arranged to make things more affordable. Alternatively you will only know how much you need to save after a consultation. It might be useful for you to familiarise yourself with some of the treatments through this website. Hopefully this can help you. Regards, Mark.
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