I Had An Abscess Under A Crown And I Had The Tooth Removed. Ever Since I’ve Had A Throbbing Sensation. Any Idea What This Could Be?

I had a abscess under a crown in April. I had to have the tooth out and a denture put in straight away. Ever since I’ve had pain throbbing at some point through the day and night, I went back 3 times and was given antibiotics but I’m still having trouble. I went and had a temporary bridge fitted because I was going on holiday. I had aching and throbbing all week while I was away. I come back and was booked in for the permanent bridge to be fitted, but I told my dentist I was still having pain and they said it was coming from a cracked tooth behind which I have to have filled next month. He then went a head and fitted the bridge. I still wake up with this throbbing and aching, I’m taking ibuprofen every 5 to 6 hours which kills the pain, but this isn’t right. Any ideas what could be causing this?
Hello. You could need root canal treatment or it may be an issue with your bite – impossible to know for sure without examining you. My advice is to seek a second opinion maybe from an endodontist (root canal expert) as soon as you can to try to diagnose the pain you are experiencing. I hope this helps. Regards, Mark.
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