I Had A Root Canal On My Front Tooth Last Week And Half Of It Has Slid Out. Will I Be Left With A Gap While The Gum Heals?

Hi Mark. I had my first appointment for root canal treatment last week on one of my front teeth. The dentist was away the coming weeks so booked me in for 3 weeks time to finish off. Recently half the tooth slid out!
I have an appointment with someone else for tomorrow and it’s more than obvious they are going to pull it. My question is once pulled – will I just be left for weeks/months while the gum heals with nothing in its place? I’m so concerned as it’s my front tooth and I’m a 29 year old girl. I’d really like to know what will happen to my tooth.
Hi. The tooth needs a crown by the sounds of it – if it has broken very severely then an extraction may in fact be required. Temporary teeth can be made, so it still looks like you have a tooth and these can be placed at the same time as the broken tooth is removed. Long term options would come later when the area has healed. I hope this at least puts your mind at ease for the time being. Best wishes, Mark.
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