I Am Very Scared Of The Dentists. All My Dentist Wants To Do Is Extract My Teeth. What Can Be Done For Me?

Hi Dr Moore. I am very scared of dentists, and at the moment my teeth just seem to be getting worse, it all started when I had my first child, but now my dentist just seems to want to pull them out, I have offered to pay for crowns or anything they can do for me not losing any more teeth as I don’t like the little pallet I have in, I just want my smile back and not to be so scared of seeing the dentist. I really hope you can you help me. 
Hello and thank you for seeking help. It sounds like it would worth finding an implant dentist who can offer you alternatives to the plate, why not do a search for a local implant dentist on Google? Make sure you find a dentist you feel completely comfortable with and can offer relaxation treatments if needed. The more research you do on what different types of procedures you can have done, the less likely you are to be scared, as it’s often the fear of the unknown which is worst. I hope you manage to seek help and get the smile you want. Dr Andrew Moore.
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