How Much Should a CEREC Cad/Cam Inlay Cost?

Dear Dr Hughes, I have just had an estimate for £899.00 to have the old filling removed from a molar and a CEREC CAD/CAM inlay / overlay procedure carried out to the same molar. Does this sound to you to be a fair estimate for this treatment? I have not decided yet whether to go ahead with this procedure. I would very much like to have the procedure done, but it seems quite expensive to me. The filling that is in place, but loose at the moment, is the older mercury amalgam type. Does this make any difference to the cost of this procedure? Many thanks, I hope you can help me come to a decision.
Thanks for getting in touch. This fee would be around the average for this type of procedure in the west end of London, from a high quality and experienced practitioner. The quality of the result you achieve and the complexity of the procedure in that particular tooth in your particular situation will determine the fee, as well as the type of material used. Ask the dentist to show you photographs from their portfolio of similar cases to yours with the same degree of difficulty.

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