How Much Does Composite Bonding Cost?

Hi, I want to know how much it would be to get my teeth done by doing composite bonding. I have what you call baby adult teeth that have really effected me throughout my life. I have also got gaps at the bottom and also the top. I am very self conscious and I rarely smile which I hate as I would love to have lovely pearly whites that I could feel confident with. But the problem is I am 19 and now have to pay for treatment and I do have a job but only an apprenticeship which pays £2.73 an hour and I really want them done and want to know roughly how much it would cost.
Hello, thank you for your question. It’s very difficult to give you a price without seeing you as all cases are different. It might also be the case that bonding isn’t the best option for you. As a guide though, we charge from £200 per tooth. Regards, Andrew.
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